WE Listen to Your Needs
WE Can Show You Homes Before They are On Market
WE Tell You What Is Wrong with a House
WE BEFORE You are stuck Owning It
WE Discuss Potential Repairs Before Inspecting
WE Tell You About the Property’s Future Resale Potential
WE Counsel on Obtaining the Lowest Possible Price
WE Counsel on Obtaining Your Best Terms
WE Assist in Writing & Negotiating Your Offer
WE Negotiate the Lowest Possible Price
WE Coordinate the Proper Inspections
WE Recommend Only the Toughest Inspectors
WE Negotiate & Coordinate the Repairs
WE Coordinate the Documents & the Closing
WE Educate You Every Step of The Way!
WE Sell!
DeFourny Realtors offers Full Buyer Representation Services with Regular MLS Updates by Phone or Email!

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest personal, financial and emotional decisions you have to make. Having an experienced professional by your side throughout the process is what we do best. The DeFourny family of Realtors has counseled and moved families since 1953. DeFourny Realtors take pride in our personal, hands-on service.


Why a Buyer Analysis with DeFourny Realtors?

Learn the Availability and Prices of Your Neighborhoods & Homes
Learn which Updates and Improvements could build you Future Equity
Learn the home buying process and what to expect and what to avoid
Learn how DeFourny Realtors can save you thousands!

Why choose DeFourny Realtors as Your Buyer Agent?

Buying your home does not have to be a daunting process. With DeFourny Realtors as your guide, we can answer the many important questions you will have and we can even answer those you may not know to ask. We pride ourselves in educating our clients throughout the process! Hiring the best agent/company to represent you in your next home purchase can make all the difference in time, money and a great experience!


Following the family tradition, John DeFourny grew up selling and working on properties all over Central Ohio. John was already an experienced and award-winning agent, when in 1984 he created DeFourny Realtors, a company specializing in high-level, exclusive personal service. In addition to selling real estate for over 30 years, John DeFourny has significant experience with planning, zoning and development. John & Megan DeFourny both hold Agent & Brokers licenses in real estate and Megan is admitted to the Ohio Bar.

Hands-on, Personal Service!

Hiring DeFourny Realtors means you work directly with us. No part-timers. No assistants, no secretaries. We handle all of your inquiries personally and can recommend the best loan officers, title companies, engineers to inspect the home and any other services you may need.

No Additional Fees or Charges!

Other Central Ohio Realtors charge buyers fees – these may be called Administration Fees, Storage Fees, GARP Fees or other miscellaneous costs. DeFourny Realtors do not have ANY hidden fees.

We Follow Your Dreams!

The closer to purchase, the more important to know conditions that will affect the property and your ability to resell in the future. DeFourny Realtors would rather show you an extra 100 homes than have you stuck with one home you regret buying and owning. With so many houses available, there is unlimited potential to find your dream home. DeFourny Realtors show houses 24/7 all over Central Ohio.

Old School!

DeFourny Realtors believe in showing buyers as many homes and neighborhoods until you find “the one” the home you can not stop thinking about. We pride ourselves on getting our buyers into homes first, ahead of any other potential buyers. With DeFourny Realtors, you will receive the knowledge and advice to make the best informed decision for you on your timetable. Our approach may be “old school” but we believe buyers should love their new home, then we go to work negotiating the best possible price and terms. We make deals work!

Over $100,000 Saved!
Our Relocation Buyers saved over $ 90,000 off the Orig. Price plus received Thousands in Seller-paid Repairs. Over $ 11,000 savings in reduced Commission allowed our Buyers to get their Price & Terms! Over $ 100,000 Saved!
Clintonville Gem
We found this Clintonville Gem for our First-Time Buyers and were negotiating BEFORE the competition discovered what a great deal this could be. Orig. priced at $ 289,000, our buyers bought it for $ 217,000!
Over $42,000 Saved!
Our Buyers had a home to sell before buying in Worthington. Not only did we sell their current home for lower fees, we helped them negotiate over $ 38,000 off the Orig. Price of this one! We were also able to negotiate a repair allowance for a Brand New Hot Tub! Over $ 42,000 Saved!
Clintonville Under $ 100K
To find a home with 2 Car Garage and Basement under $ 100,000 is a rarity. In 2008, our investor purchased this bargain for $ 82,000 saving over $ 17,000!
Upper Arlington Area
Overpriced and over-decorated, we negotiated a lower price - saving over $ 55,000 off the Orig. Price! We also coordinated painters and removal of carpeting and wallpaper before the buyer moved in! That’s what we call Full Service Realtors!

Thinking of Buying?
DeFourny Realtors would love the opportunity to speak with you.
We are available at your convenience, please call at 614-267-7400 or email us anytime at john@d4ny.com